Pursuing My Passions…

Finding a passion is a struggle for many, sometimes through their whole life. I, however, have an entirely different situation. I have a passion for so many things and I almost get overwhelmed thinking about pursuing all of them. So, I am starting with what I fell in love with first. Writing has also been my relief, my rock, and something I could always rely on. When I didn’t have someone to talk to or vent to, my journal was always waiting for me to share my struggle and weakness (and occasionally my strength.) I have seemed to also have a knack, at least my mom thinks so, for putting down my thoughts articulately. Photography has also fascinated me since I was a little girl. I would flip through Nat Geo magazine just for the photos that seemed to tell a story without words. I hope to accomplish that talent at some point in my life. I won’t drag this on about me any longer, through following this blog you will get to know me better than a few more sentences here. Whether zero people, or ten, or a thousand see this blog, isn’t really my main goal. While I would love as many people as possible to see this, I just want to know I put myself out there and allowed people into my world. So, here’s to the beginning of my journey, and the start of pursuing my passions…

(Below are some photographs that I shot recently as practice. They are inspired by things that surround me daily.)




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