Rainy Days

I find comfort in waking up to the sound of rolling thunder and rain drops hitting my window. I love dressing in comfy clothes and wrapping myself up in a jacket and scarf. I didn’t always have this appreciation for stormy days, but now it seems like I could spend everyday in the rain. I look forward to the day after the storm when the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and everything seems a little brighter. Perhaps it is because nature is now grateful for the sunny and kind weather. I think we could learn this from mother nature. It seems as if when we are in a bad spot, it is in our genetic makeup to embrace the bad in every situation. Shouldn’t we know that after every bad day, or rainy day, there will be a sunny one? Maybe it is because we don’t know for certain that we will be okay and we can’t predict our lives like we can predict the weather. All we really want in life is to be reassured that we are going to be okay. I have been in that spot of hopelessness before. Recently, actually. I have no other description for the feeling except darkness. When you start to really believe that the world is an awful place, it becomes one. I truly started to sink myself into a place that no-one around me could understand. After I felt like I hit rock bottom, and a couple of doctors appointments later, I really made an effort to turn it around. Opening up to the people I love was the beginning of the end for my dark spell. It was almost as if the universe grabbed me by the shoulders and placed me on a different road. A more hopeful and happier one. I started to view the world a little brighter, laugh a little more, and make the connection that after every storm comes a beautiful day. Of course this is extremely summarized. I wish depression was as simple as forcing yourself to smile. I know it goes far beyond that. I’m not saying I’m suddenly a happy go lucky person after going through a seemingly never ending storm. It is a journey I am still on. A journey of love, hope, and the pursuit of finding something more. If you are on this journey too, I know you understand. But come to think of it, I think everyone is climbing the same mountain, just following different trails. We are all just trying to get to the top to find something more, something bigger, something that makes us feel complete. I think that is our way of reassuring ourselves. That is our way of giving ourselves hope that no-one else can provide.  That is our way of predicting our life, like we predict the weather. No matter where we are in life, we are waiting and hoping for the next thing until we are on the doorstep of the afterlife we believe in and rely on. If you are in a place of darkness, please know that it will end. I know it has been said, but I can promise the storm won’t outlast you. It can’t outlast you. Life is one big whirlwind full of good and bad. Sometimes you are in the eye of the hurricane and sometimes you are in the worst of the storm, but no-one is ever in the clear for certain. So, I took some pictures that capture the beauty of the storm and the clarity it provides after. I am learning to love the bad days, and appreciate the lessons they teach. After all, the sun needs a break too.



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