Exploring Greenville

My sister and I took an afternoon to do a photoshoot in Downtown Greenville! We walked around for a couple hours and ventured down every back ally looking for the perfect shot. Most people might see a dirty brick wall as not exactly swoon worthy, but we definitely fell in love with the vibe it gave our photos. It was so exciting for me to practice with my new camera and really have fun with the whole experience. We never take advantage of all the beauty around us and that is what I love about photography. It forces you to look at every detail and explore as many places as possible. Photography has been such an escape for me to do something I love and take a break from reality.  I really believe that the camera captures a person’s aura and that is what I love about my sister’s shoot. The theme was definitely inspired by light and happiness, which is the essence of my sister’s personality. The beauty of the city around me also left me awe-struck. Between Falls Park and the lively energy around me, I was elated. It was an incredible feeling to discover new places and get awesome photos in places that some people would deem as average. It proves that no matter how dark life may feel, there is always hidden beauty waiting for you to discover it.


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