Cassie & Aaron

Last week during my visit to Florida I worked with such a beautiful couple! Cassie and Aaron are expecting their baby boy, Cooper, at the end of May. The shoot location was at the South Jetty in Venice. While it was absolutely gorgeous, the wind and sun made it fairly difficult to be comfortable. I have to say I was nervous before the session, but that faded pretty quickly as I got into the almost 2 hour shoot. Of course not every shot was perfect, but I was proud of my first shoot that wasn’t for someone I knew. I also spent quite a bit of time editing all the photos and setting up an online gallery. All of my time and effort was most definitely worth the feedback I received on social media. I got so much love for all the photos and my work paid off for sure. Hopefully I will be busy in the summer and get to refine my skills even further. This shoot is so special to me and I am so so happy with how they all came out! Good luck to Cassie and Aaron and their little family!


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