Being a Young Woman in Today’s World

Living in the world today as a young woman is a highly debated topic, typically talked about by people who aren’t young women. Depending on your outlook, it either sucks, it’s amazing, or we’re failing altogether as a young generation of females. Women are believed to get caught up in what “the look” of today’s girls should be. This idea is blamed on what we see on T.V., magazines, blah blah blah. You’ve heard that before and you’ll hear it again. But is that really what the cause of our lack of self confidence is as a whole? No, it is certainly not.

Okay, so let’s take a different route and blame it on a different group. Our male counterpart. Lots of women like to say their issues stem from men and that is why they are struggling to live decent and productive lives. So is this the reason some of us lack self esteem? No, this isn’t why either. Not all men are bad and it is narrow-minded to think that they are. I’m not denying there are bad men out there, but there are equally as bad women. Trust me, I’ve seen first hand what both ends of the spectrum are capable of. But blaming it on men, society, and whatever else is just another scapegoat for the real culprits. Ourselves.

We are the only people that can be held accountable for our actions and reactions to everything. Like I’ve said time and time again, women are beyond powerful. Some of us are capable of raising ourselves with minimal assistance, nurturing those in need, and building little human beings for 9 months, all while being pretty kick ass at the same time. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect that we end up self destructing. I have also found the main killer of happiness is comparison. We compare ourselves to other people we see on a daily basis, whether it’s friends or family, and we end up getting envious and resentful of their success. I am unfortunately guilty of feeling this way and I think it’s human nature to have that initial reaction. We see someone else doing better and we feel threatened.  It took me forever to finally realize that me not supporting their success and beauty was only poisoning me. The next time you encounter a rude female, whether it’s someone you work with or a complete stranger, compliment them. I guarantee you their attitude will completely turn around. Suddenly that threat isn’t there anymore and they feel more at ease. This generation would be so much more united if we all uplifted each other and stayed in our own lanes. If we all focused on our own goals and growth, while supporting each other, we would be unstoppable. Of course not everyone would be onboard with this idea, but those are the people you need to cut out. Whether thats other women, colleagues, or draining relationships.

So in summation, women can also complicate things. All you really need to do to be a thriving young women in today’s world is hustle for your own success and if you see others doing the same, SUPPORT THEM. Be kind, be generous, and stay focused. (this applies to all the guys out there too!)





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