Fall Favorites! (so far)

At the risk of sounding incredibly basic, fall is one of my favorites times of the year. It’s a tough choice between fall and winter for me, but this time of year in general has a special magic in the air. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, pumpkin spice fills the air of most homes, and the excitement of Christmas is approaching. I absolutely love fall style and all the cute and cozy looks the cool air brings. With all that said, I have some favorites to share with you that have made this glorious time of year even better for me. I decided to include food, makeup, clothes, and basically any other miscellaneous thing.

Soooo here we go! (in no particular order)

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism PaletteUnknownI have been obsessing over this palette. It is insanely pigmented, the shades are easy to work with, and I am able to create multiple eye-looks with the shade variation. While the packaging of these palettes are not the most practical, they have a beautiful design and feel expensive.

2. Becca Après Ski Eye Lights Palette


I picked this up at Sephora last week and I can’t get over the packaging! This palette screams winter glow to me. The product is perfect for a natural look and is great for achieving an everyday glow.

3. Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty


I love how this smells and makes my skin feel. It is incredibly refreshing and my skin looks and feels brand new whenever I use it.

4. St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse


The chilly air is not natural tan friendly, so I’ve been using this stuff weekly. It doesn’t make me look like an orange, and I don’t find that it has an off-putting scent that self-tanners can have.

5. Umbrian Clay Moisturizer 


Fall brings slightly drier air, so I have been using this moisturizer daily. It is safe for oily/combo skin, it smells great, and it is light weight.

6. Infinity Scarves


This one is kind of a given, but I have been wearing scarves non-stop. They are comfy, cozy, and they can spice up any outfit. My go-to for fall.

5. Sugar Free Peppermint Mocha Creamer


My coffee routine is not complete without this stuff. Not only is it waistline safe, but it tastes like the holidays in a cup.

6. Halo Top “Ice Cream”


If you’re like me and you can’t live without sweets, this is an amazing way to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling like a blob after.

7. Practical Magic


I just discovered this movie on Netflix, and I have since watched it twice. I’m a sucker for old Sandra Bullock movies, especially the sappy ones.

8. Cute Mugs


As my love for coffee has grown, so has my appreciation for adorable mugs. The one pictured is my personal favorite, and I would love to add it to my mini collection. *hint, hint

Well, those are my favorites so far! Let me know if we share any and tell me what you have been loving lately!


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