(Late) 2018 Resolutions!

Usually I don’t like the idea of resolutions during the new year because I feel like I should always be trying to better myself. However, I realized that the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you could have done better last year. I wanted to publish this for everyone to see so I can keep myself accountable for crushing my resolutions and goals. My resolutions are habits that I will make/break no matter what and my goals are things I hope to accomplish. I listed and explained my resolutions and how I will achieve them. I am still working on my goals for the year so I will create a list when I have narrowed them down. I know this is late, but my momentum and motivation since 2018 has not slowed down. I have been doing really well with bettering myself and creating healthy habits, both physically and mentally. Obviously it’s hard to be perfect all the time, so it’s important to be forgiving of yourself. You just have to pick yourself up and realize why you want to be better than you were yesterday.


  1. Eating super clean & crushing a consistent workout schedule

This one is very important for me because I want to be in the best shape I can be. Health and fitness is so important to my happiness because I feel my best when I know I am treating my body right. I love craving fresh foods and feeling sore the morning after a really intense workout. I am all about pushing myself to new limits and seeing improvements in my body. I am extremely proud of the fact I have stayed strong with this resolution because I am feeling and seeing results every single day.

2. Letting go of draining people and situations

I came across draining and negative people/situations that really brought my happiness down. Some were out of my control, because life isn’t always roses and sunshine. This year I refuse to put myself in any situation that makes me anything but happy. This means surrounding myself with the people that make me happiest and letting go of unnecessary stress. There are so many chances to be petty hateful, and bitter and you have to ignore them in order to be the bigger and better person.

3. Not worrying about proving my happiness

While there are a lot of kind-hearted people in the world, there are also a lot of ugly and jealous hearts. Some people will hate you simply because you’re you. You can’t convince jealous and hateful people to see your happiness for what it is, because they will always try to being you down to their level. I am learning to be happy for me and ignoring those who wish they felt the same way. The minute you let go of those sad people, is the minute you can fully enjoy your own joy.

4. Living in the moment

I tend to always look forward and forget to be fully present in the moment I am in. I am going to start living in each moment and finding the adventure in everyday. I have been doing this by exploring different places with my favorite person and capturing the beauty these new places bring. Living in the moment brings me so much contentment and is truly such a freeing feeling.

5. Keeping it simple

I believe that keeping life simple is the key to long-term success. I am going to keep my life simple by doing what I love with the person I love; adventuring, photography, and writing. I believe life is simple and so many things can complicate it. Surround yourself with who you love, do what you love, and be true to yourself. You can never fail when you are being authentic to yourself.

Those are my main focuses and I would love to hear if anyone has similar or different ones they want to accomplish!


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